Olmetto’s is an adventure that comes from a dream, shared by a group of friends and associates: opening a restaurant in the heart of Milan, where the guests could enjoy the flavours of the Milanese tradition, feeling just like at home.

Hospitality is in fact a real job for us and it is reflected in each of our choices: from the search for the best seasonal products to the quality of the dishes, from the care for the choice of the wines in our cellar to the intimate and hospitable atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant origins date back to thirty years ago, when the Olmetto’s (once “Ulmet”) was a family-run restaurant.

Since then, the dishes, recipes and cooking techniques have changed, but the deep connection with the tradition has remained alive in our interpretation of the cuisine: in the menu, you will always find the traditional flavours, which are accompanied by contemporary dishes, prepared with creativity and passion. Today, the kitchen is held by our chef Fabio Poggi, who boasts different and significant experiences:  Cafè Trussardi, Savini, Sadler, Lotti by Gualtiero Marchesi, in Paris.

His philosophy, in line with that of Olmetto’s, is to bring to the table a cuisine that respects tradition and rethinks it in a more contemporary way as well, exalting the flavour of the raw ingredients.

The respect for traditional flavours, the love for good cuisine and the care for hospitality make Olmetto’s a unique place, and an experience that has to be lived.